A world traveler since childhood, Veronica Toub has long designed for herself as well as working as an interior designer and stylist, collecting inspiration and artisanal goods from her extensive voyages across the globe and spending extended periods of time in Turkey, Lebanon, Bali, South America, Africa and Europe.

Her desire to share her finds and vision, coupled with the encouragement of friends who had long admired her personal style, led Veronica to conceive VMT--a luxury lifestyle brand launched in 2013 with VMT Jewelry and VMT Vacances.

After relocating to Los Angeles, CA, Veronica began putting together the elements she loved: “I have always been inspired by the beauty and history of other cultures and wanted to combine all my travel experiences--the textiles, old jewelry and artifacts I have been collecting for years--into my designs”.

Embracing the idea of mobility, Veronica was struck by the chic modernity and freedom embodied by the classic vintage Airstream--the perfect vehicle for a woman whose life has been spent traveling. Ingeniously retrofitting and customizing a 31-foot Sovereign model, c. 1973, in the most luxe way imaginable from stem to stern, she has created a sophisticated nomadic shopping experience for the 21st century.